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Zsuzsanna Luciano in Panobook 2015

I sincerely enjoy the process of creating panoramic images with multiple shots that are stitched together with the software from Kolor called Autopano.

The company Kolor not only created superior software Autopano but they also publish a Panobook showcasing Panoramic Photography from around the wonderful world we live in. Each year they have open submissions allowing anyone to submit their best panoramic images. The result: an unequaled pleasure for the eyes and an invitation for an unforgettable tour throughout the world.

My largest image up to date is a panorama of the Great Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary where I was born and raised. The Synagogue is made of 82 photographs and countless hours spent waiting on site as the light conditions kept changing.


This year for Panobook 2015 they selected the Angel Oak – as pictured on top – The Angel Oak I created from 32 individual images and was selected out of 2,800 submissions. In total Panobook only selects 150 images. Being chosen to be part of this very exclusive and inspiring book is a sincere honor.

If you would like to purchase the Panobook 2015 from us – a signed and dedicated copy –  please contact us at

Posted by Enchanted Light on December 15, 2015
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  1. 04/20/2021
    Sid Hayman


    I met you last weekend at the art fair in WPB. We discussed the Budapest Synagogue photo, which I like very much. I was wondering what sizes it comes in and what the prices are. I hope to see you this weekend in Los Olas.
    Thank you.

    Sid Hayman


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