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21st Chicago Tribune Art Festival – in the eye of my IPhone















Gold Coast Art Fair in pictures – June 30./July1. 2012

The Gold Coast Art Fair is a very prominent art festival in the heart of Chicago. Close to 600 artists gather together for this great event. This year was our second time in the show.

Set up took a little longer as we had to dolly everything in to Grant Park. The weather was hot and muggy so we also had set up a second tent for shade. My brother was a big help for us.

The people were very nice and receptive for the artwork. I received an “Outstanding Achievement” award and at that time I didn’t even care about the storm that just swept across the field. After the storm sales started again and the final $ number supported the award that I just received.






















Gold Coast Art Fair setup. June 29. 2012

20120704-032722.jpg 20120704-032222.jpg 20120704-032234.jpg 20120704-032244.jpg 20120704-032256.jpg 20120704-032306.jpg 20120704-032316.jpg 20120704-032436.jpg 20120704-032454.jpg 20120704-032508.jpg 20120704-032523.jpg 20120704-032742.jpg

My brother Karcsi is arriving from Hungary…June 28. 2012

Anticipation is growing and excitement is in the air:) My brother is already on the plane and flying in to Chicago. He sort of disappeared after the connecting flight but we figured out he would have already called or text-ed if something vent wrong.

As we are arriving at the Chicago airport my Mother is on the phone worrying a little. We were walking to terminal 3. and all of the sudden my Mom says its terminal 5. Oops….Get in the car again and try to get there in time…

Ok, arrived to terminal 5. As we are walking in my Mom says it looks like on the flight tracker that they are going away from Chicago. That is not possible. I told her maybe they are just going around the airport to find the right spot… I was wrong again. A storm just hit Chicago and yes their flight was redirected to Detroit.

No panic, no panic and no panic… A really helpful immigration officer told us that they will refuel and will fly to Chicago after the storm around 8PM

That’s how it happened. He arrived and me my husband and our little son was very happy to see my brother Karcsi:)


47th Crosby Festival of the Arts in pictures

47th Crosby Festival of the Arts

As we started our driving we just realized. We have not got any sleep for the past 2,5 days, about 12 hours driving ahead of us and we have a 6 year old who’s getting enough sleep and extremely energized:) But still managed it…

Driving through beautiful Pennsylvania was breath taking. The summer is still in its climbing faze so literally see a thousand shades of green. Flowers are popping out and see saturation everywhere.

We stopped for a 30 minutes sleep in the car and that was when the sky opened up and sent its blessings. It was a great storm. The wind shook our truck and trailer like we should not sleep, get up and drive. Lightning were banging around us saying get ready and go…I guess I was the only one to see the play as my son and husband slept through it.

Arrived to Toledo Botanical Garden around five in the morning. Set up was quick and easy and we had a great spot. The whole weekend went great with art loving people around us. Mike almost couldn’t keep up writing orders. Found new friends and our little son had a playmate the whole day Sunday.

Take down of the show was even easier. I wish we didn’t feel tired but I guess it just have to be part of this life style that we don’t sleep sometimes for days… As we were finishing the packing up of our trailer the friendly staff invited us and some other artists for a drink in the garden.15-20 people gathered around and shared stories of their life. Everybody had a drink or two already so funny and funky stories were the most common. Felt great to be part of this crazy travelling circuit and to be free for become whoever I want to be.

Monday was the first day after about a week that we had a full night sleep. And the adventure just beginning:)





We are starting our Great Western Art Festival Tour on Midsummer Night. I am very excited:) National Parks, adventure, hiking, biking and discoveries are awaiting upon us.

Check out the show schedule:

  • 2012 June. 23. 24. – Crosby Festival of the Arts – Toledo, OH
  • 2012 June. 30. July 1. – Gold Coast Art Fair – Chicago, IL
  • 2012 July. 6. 7. 8. – 21. Annual Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL
  • 2012 July. 21. 22. – 3rd Annual Redstone Art Fair – Park City, Utah
  • 2012 July. 28. 29. – 10th Anniversary Downtown Aspen Art Festival – Aspen, Colorado
  • 2012 Aug. 4. 5. – 25th Anniversary Beaver Creek Art Festival – Vail, Colorado
  • 2012 Aug. 11. 12. – 6th Annual Main Street to the Rockies Art Festival – Frisco, Colorado
  • 2012 Aug. 18. 19. – Lincolnshire Art Festival – Lincolnshire, IL
  • 2012 Aug. 25. 26. – Port Clinton Art Festival – Highland Park, IL