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Invitation from the Big Cypress Gallery.


There are milestones in ones life and in ones career and it is a tremendously wonderful feeling when you are present in the moment enough to realize this. Today is one of those days. The art of Zsuzsanna Luciano will now grace the walls of the Clyde Butcher Gallery in the middle of the Florida Everglades. A man compared to the great Ansel Adams, a man whose goal is conservation and a man who truly understands the importance of family!!! It should go without saying that to have ones art next to the internationally respected Clyde Butcher is an honor to say the very least.
Zsuzsannas goal as well as her husband Mike Luciano, and son Michael Luciano has always been preservation through the use of Conservation Photography for the past decade. Her carear has spaned much of the globe and Zsuzsanna Luciano has had her works featured on the Disney Cruise Ship, is on display at the Blue Gallery in Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Olas Florida and is now proud to be welcomed into the Clyde Butcher Gallery, a true milestone in ones carear! We look foward to a wonderful relationship with a truly wonderful group of individuals. Thank you to the Butcher family and all the gifted and beautiful people who work there everyday to promote and educate the many visitors from all over the world in regards to saving this amazing planet we call home! Thank you from Zsuzsanna Luciano and the entire Luciano Family….May we save what God has created…..