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Pirate of the Treasure Coast

March 19th Treasure Coast of Florida

What happens when you take one of the best photographers in America and put her with one of the best actors/impersonators from the east coast and put them both on one of the best beaches in America with the most beautiful sunrises this writer has seen in a long long long time………..what do you get???? You get the most amazing photoshoot that only the best of the best can achieve…….the perfect combination, the most perfect conditions and the best artists I have seen in a very long time work together in perfect harmony.

The pictures speak for themselves, I don’t need to say much about them but what is important to elaborate on is how two perfect artists can come together under the florida sunrise to create magical images that will live forever.

On the morning of March 19th Zsuzsanna Luciano and Matt Kay met with myself and my son on an undisclosed beach on the East Coast of Florida or as some call it the Treasure Coast of Florida…..and what a perfect name for such a photoshoot. Ever hear of Johnny Depp? Ever hear of Pirates of The Caribbean…..well certainly, almost everyone has………..A true friend, who I have know for many years Matt Kay is the best ever Johnny Depp impersonator I have ever seen…..mannerism, language, facial expressions and personally, Matt Kay has it mastered to a fine science……he becomes the part he plays, he lives it, it is inside of him…..he is not only an actor but a true artist…..I don’t say this because he is a true friend, I say it because it is the truth…..Florida is lucky to have him, he should be in Hollywood…..NOW put such an individual on a beach in Florida and you have a movie in the making….NOW put him on the beach with the sunrise in front of an artist such an accomplished artist as Zsuzsanna Luciano, who by definition is a conservation photographer, and you have images that are not only breath taking but are true artistic works, works that not one person would not look at and say WOW, OMG, who shot that and who is that???!?!?!?!

Zsuzsanna Luciano doesn’t take the shot she makes the shot and anyone who has worked with her can testify to this fact….her eye, her vision and her ability to see light in her pieces separates her from all the rest. As a conservation photographer Zsuzsanna is very used to using light, lenses and filters to capture a three dimensional images that needs no post processing. Zsuzsanna Luciano is the real deal, not an “ill take it now and fix it later in photoshop”……..her images are captured so perfectly that many times the use of enhancements only hurt her original images…..and so was the situation on this past March 19th……

I was privileged to be there that day to help out and be able to record the events as they happened…..I knew it would be great I never knew it would be unforgettable and one of the best creative experiences of my life. Matt Kay with Zsuzsanna Luciano arrived on site at roughly 6:45 just about 20 minutes before the sun broke through. Both ready to go but not really knowing how it would be to work with each other. Matt Kay has been in front of the camera more times than is possible to count and Zsuzsanna has been on more assignments then can be recorded in a full volume of encyclopedias. Well within seconds it was clear that this was a win win situation…….Zsuzsanna had an actor that jumped right up on the most dangerous coral with his back to the rolling waves and dangerous ocean and Matt had his perfect photographer that braves the elements no matter how challenging to get that perfect image……..both fully understanding each others art, both fully appreciating how hard the others job was and both knowing what to do even before it was asked!!

It is common knowledge not to put your back to the ocean and don’t climb on jagged coral in the crashing waves….well don’t tell that to Matt Kay……and don’t take your equipment in salt water, and don’t shoot into the sun and always safety first……well don’t tell that to Zsuzsanna…….to be there was to understand, for me to attempt to tell you about it is ok at best…..but to see the images……………it was never more true that a picture is worth a thousand words…….they are awesome, magical and awe inspiring…..capturing a day of times gone by, the times of the brave pirate, the romance of the sea and the power of mother nature……..all in one image, all in one day and all created by two of the most talented artists I have the honor of knowing!!!

By Michael John Luciano

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