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Raising rising conciseness

I love the taste of Nutella… My whole family loves Nutella… My 11 year old son loves Nutella too.

But today he came to understand that our actions have consequences.

So from today he gave up his Nutella, Kinder and KitKat and whatever else has palm oil.

We had a wonderful day at the Tampa Lowry Zoo. He loves to learn about the animals, he starting to understand the difference between vulnerable or critically endangered species.

I thought every monkey was a monkey.

But my son told me that the ones that don’t have a tail are called apes. And the ones with the tail are monkeys.

I know I have a lot to learn😇

I am always taken by the eyes of the orangutans. It’s like they are telling me something or feeling sad…

As we approached the area where these apes are living my eyes got caught on a sign.

…wild orangutans will be extinct by 2020 because of the habitat loss…That is less than three years from now…

Than I looked back at the mother and the baby and the fact that they will never roam free in a rainforest and they will be forever confined to that small area…I started crying. My son cried with me too.

He asked me -“how is palm oil killing these beautiful creatures? Are they eating it?”

I looked at him. He is so innocent…

I told him – “No my love, they aren’t eating the oil. People are cutting down the rainforest that is their habitat and planting palm trees instead to make palm oil.

Palm oil is a very cheap food and cosmetic additive and people and industries are making a lots of money of it.”

– “I will never eating palm oil anymore!” – he told me.

Than we hugged and cried and hugged even more…

As I looked at the baby orangutan I wished I could change the world.

But maybe we can…

…One Nutella at the time…

-Zsuzsanna Luciano-