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My brother Karcsi is arriving from Hungary…June 28. 2012

Anticipation is growing and excitement is in the air:) My brother is already on the plane and flying in to Chicago. He sort of disappeared after the connecting flight but we figured out he would have already called or text-ed if something vent wrong.

As we are arriving at the Chicago airport my Mother is on the phone worrying a little. We were walking to terminal 3. and all of the sudden my Mom says its terminal 5. Oops….Get in the car again and try to get there in time…

Ok, arrived to terminal 5. As we are walking in my Mom says it looks like on the flight tracker that they are going away from Chicago. That is not possible. I told her maybe they are just going around the airport to find the right spot… I was wrong again. A storm just hit Chicago and yes their flight was redirected to Detroit.

No panic, no panic and no panic… A really helpful immigration officer told us that they will refuel and will fly to Chicago after the storm around 8PM

That’s how it happened. He arrived and me my husband and our little son was very happy to see my brother Karcsi:)